wellness information exchange


wellness information exchange


wellness information exchange


wellness information exchange


Founder & CEO

Greg Fendis, the Corporate Founder and CEO of KOSMO HEALTH, is a senior business executive specialising in the global development of businesses and thrives working in dynamic organisations.

His extensive experience within the Information Technology, Internet Networks and the Telecommunications Industries spans over 35 years with responsibilities ranging from General Management, Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Strategic Planning, Engineering, Customer Services, Product Management and Manufacturing.

His thorough understanding of Telecommunications Networks, Data Systems, Smart Card Technologies, Software Integration, Medical Electronics, Digital Imaging, Biometrics and the Internet has placed him at the forefront of business solutions.

Greg is actively involved in the development, introduction and application of technology into Australia and overseas countries. His professional mission is to bridge the gap between leading edge technology and innovative business ideas.

KOSMO HEALTH was created as a global Wellness Information Exchange (WIX) platform with a blockchain based network that provides access to the digital health domain. Its core function is to enable transactions, secure digital health information and provide authenticity of patients.

KOSMO HEALTH's global multi-blockchain ecosystem will gather and securely protect patient health information. The process provides health information transactions within the network. The smart contracts ensure safe, secure and timely execution of health data transactional requirements while the tokens provide a tokenised utility for internal network transactions.

What We Do

Wellness Information eXchange (WIX)

Care Provider Admin

The platform incorporates care provider registration, scheduling, billing, and complete audit for compliance.

Patient Wellness Record

The platform includes patient identifiers, patient specific information, conditions and educational material.

Electronic Data Flow

The platform includes consultation documentation, outcomes reporting and wellness data.

Drug Database Services

The platform includes drug database interfacing and general wellness knowledge base.

Radiology Services

The platform includes radiology imaging interface, reporting and real-time communication.

Laboratory Services

The platform has direct link to the pathology labs for ordering sample testing and online result viewing.

Prescription Services

The platform includes support and interfaces into prescriptions.

Security Services

The platform includes highly secure data collection, storage and retrieval.

Herbal Remedies

The platform includes herbal remedy services.

Monitoring Services

The platform includes direct interface to 'Bed Side' monitoring services.

X-Ray Services

The platform includes direct linkages with X-Ray imaging services.

Secure Data Services

The platform has a secure information data interchange.

Pathology Services

The platform includes pathology related services.

Cloud Services

The platform includes direct interface access to all devices.

Global Network

The platform has global health network nodes.

TeleHealth Services

The platform interconnects participants for a medical session.

Support Services

The platform has direct link to qualified support staff.

24x7 Emergency Services

The platform has direct link to Ambulatory Services.